Common Lyme Disease Symptoms

Note: the below symptoms and conditions do not conclusively indicate Lyme Disease, but are used to indicate the increased potential for having Lyme Disease.
   - Bull’s eye rash at site of original tick bite
   - Reoccurring circular rashes on other parts of body
   - Flu-like symptoms – fever nausea
   - Sore throat – swollen glands, excessive long term production of phlegm
   - Extreme headaches and migraines
   - Night sweats
   - Heart palpitations and chest pain
   - Vision problems - light sensitivity, trouble focusing, eye pain
   - Hearing problems – ringing or buzzing in the ears, plugged ears impaired hearing
   - Jaw/teeth pain
   - Flu or fatigue after visiting dentist for a cleaning
   - Neck pain and stiffness
   - Chronic muscle pain
   - Pain that comes and goes and moves from place to place
   - Tremors
   - Extreme fatigue not relieved by rest
   - Dizziness or balance problems
   - Anxiety or panic attacks
   - Impaired ability to recognize faces
   - Irritability and mood swings
   - Sleep disorders: sleep apnea or waking during night and difficulty falling back to sleep
   - Memory loss, lack of concentration, loss of focus
   - Speech problems, stammering slow speech
   - Excessive weight gain or loss
   - Alcohol sensitivity
   - Auto Immune Disease
   - Lyme MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
   - Lyme Alzheimer’s Disease
   - Lyme Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
   - Lyme Arthritis
   - Bells Palsy
   - Gall Bladder removed
   - Depression
   - Constant elevated body temperature


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