There are primarily two types of tests available for Lyme disease as well as panels to test for possible co-infections.  The ELISA test and the Western Blot test, only the ELISA test is available in Canada and is not considered as accurate as the Western Blot test.  Both tests require a blood sample to be sent by the medical doctor to the US testing laboratories.  Most medical doctors will not do this and many Canadians have had to travel to the US to have their tests done incurring additional costs and inconveniences.

At the Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic we offer the Lyme Dot Blot Assay (LDA) which is used to detect the Lyme antigen in the urine.  Individuals can collect the sample themselves and forward it to the appropriate testing laboratory in the US.  Test kits are available at the clinic the cost of the test is paid by the patient to the testing laboratory.

There is also a Lyme challenge that we use that may be useful prior to deciding on having the above tests done or when a false negative result is suspected.  When an individual with chronic Lyme disease takes an anti-spirochete remedy be it an antibiotic or a natural remedy specific to killing Borrelia bugdorferi, the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, they will experience a Herxheimer reaction (see stage two of treatment strategy).  At the clinic we have found that those who have Lyme disease (either tested before or later) who took our herbal anti-spirochete remedy had the Herxheimer reaction.  Individuals who do not have Lyme disease do not get this reaction.   The additional benefit of the Lyme challenge is that the remedies used in the challenge can make the Western Blot and the ELISA tests more accurate.

Below are links describing the tests as well as links to the testing laboratories.

Medical Diagnostic Laboratories -  http://www.mdlab.com

Igenex Laboratory -  http://igenex.com

For more about Lyme testing:

- http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/lyme/sample.html

- http://www.canlyme.com/labtests.html



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