Treatment Strategy:

Lyme Disease is referred to as the great imposter. Although there are some commonalties it typically affects each person differently.  Co-infections often coexist with Lyme Disease making treatment challenging. (See Symptoms)  

Stage #1                                                            

The first stage of treatment consists of removing other major stressors first. Which may involve addressing any presenting diseases.  This is an essential step in the curative process of clearing Lyme Disease from the body because it allows the immune system to more fully participate in the second stage of treatment. 

Stage #2 

The second stage of treatment is targeted primarily at the Lyme Disease bacteria.  Treatment consists of herbal, homeopathic and trace mineral support.  This stage can be stressful as it consists of cycles of feeling ill (Herxheimer reactions) with headaches, flu like symptoms, etc., as the body detoxifies and the endotoxins are removed from the system.  A helpful reminder is that these uncomfortable symptoms do end and are followed by an increase in health, vitality and well-being.

Stage #3

The third stage of treatment shifts to reducing or removing any damage that was caused to other systems of the body by having Lyme Disease and any co-infection, while supporting an increase in energy and the immune system.

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