I have found that individuals who are challenged with Lyme disease have out of necessity become self-educated about this serious challenge to their lives.  Many have been from specialist to specialist searching for help.   Many individuals taking the extensive antibiotic route and others using natural remedies alone or in conjunction with antibiotics. Many have become disillusioned with the medical system and have become their own doctor.  There is a no shortage of information, protocols and recommendations available.  Be it Rife, Teasel, oxidative therapies etc.

While there may be no cure for Lyme disease there are many and I do not mean a statistically minority who have been cured of Lyme.  What I can offer at the clinic is experience and willingness to help individuals and families who have gone through or are going through the curative process of restoring their health.   Lyme disease is not only a physical challenge it effects their relationships, the way they have perceived themselves, the choices they have made and this can often lead to confusion and fear.

I work from the basis of treating the person who has the Lyme disease, as well as treating the disease the person has while supporting their emotional and relationship challenges.  No one protocol or remedy will work for all.  An individualized approach is what I can offer.  I offer to share the experiences and knowledge I have to support and or direct an effective program for you. 


Stephen O’Neill

Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic